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Khom Loy Montessori Programme

Location: Chiang Rai, Thailand

Website: www.khomloy.org | Take a look at this new video.
Program Established: May 2004
# of Children: 600+ Ages Served: 4-6
Immediate Needs:

  1. Donations to support the costs of teacher trainers.
  2. Funds to convert child care centres to Montessori
  3. Donations to purchase materials.
  4. Used materials in good condition.
  5. Trained Montessori volunteers.

Volunteer Support: Yes

Contact Person: Paul Hancock
Contact Information: Paul Hancock pmchancock@gmail.com

Paul Hancock and Patricia Solar started the Khom Loy project in 2002. They created the Khom Loy Development Foundation to work with the Burmese refugee and ethnic minority hilltribes of Northern Thailand to find innovative ways of dealing with social deprivation. From 2004-2015, they converted over 70 preschool rooms (providing education to about 1,800 pupils annually) in villages and remote communities into simple Montessori-based classrooms. They work only with existing schools with teachers and building already funded, so that KLDF’s contribution goes directly into improving the quality of the education.

Their programme provides low-cost Montessori equipment made by local craftsmen and the teachers themselves. Daily living materials use local objects such as chopsticks and beads. KLDF’s trainers (local teachers who have been trained by Montessori-qualified visiting instructors) provide a short introduction to Montessori classroom management, and then spend up to 10 months working in the classroom alongside the newly trained teachers to provide hands-on instruction. After this period, a teacher is able to manage a classroom without supervision, although KLDF offers further courses twice a year.

KLDF’s activities in Thailand now consist mainly of support for the established base of converted schools. In 2014, KLDF started a pilot project in Mawlamyine, Myanmar, and its new classroom conversion activities are now concentrated there. So far 2 schools have been converted and a further 4 will commence conversion in June 2017.

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