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Liberty Children's Home

Location: Belize, Central America
Website: www.libertyfoundation.org.uk
Program Established: July 2005
# of Children: 40Ages Served: Birth-8
Immediate Needs:

  1. Financial Donations
  2. Dressing Frames
  3. Practical Life Equipment
  4. Metal Insets
  5. Color Box 1 & 2
  6. The Land and Water Globe

Contact Person: Marcelle Delahaye, Founder/Director
Contact Information: mdelahaye@libertyfoundation.org.uk
Summary of Project

Liberty Foundation believes in providing an environment in which children ‘at risk’ , and those with disabilities and special needs can gain access to rehabilitation, care and the educational tools they will need to build healthy, successful lives.

The Home

Liberty Children's Home is a purpose-built home to house and care for orphaned, abused and neglected children in Ladyville, Belize and opened in July 2005. The home has a child-centred approach influenced by the Pikler method of childcare, a well researched approach developed to prevent the damaging effects of institutionalisation on children and the Montessori philosophy of education, a method of teaching that aims for the fullest possible development of the whole child.

Liberty Community School

In October 2006 Liberty’s newly built school and learning centre opened its doors to the eagerly awaiting children of both Liberty Children’s Home and the wider community of Ladyville. Teachers, caregivers and parents have all been working together towards a common goal of providing the children with an environment where each child can develop to his/her potential.

XXEvery parent who has a child attending the school automatically becomes part of the Parents as Teachers (PAT) program – an outreach program providing guidance and support to families with young children. The first parent meeting was held on October 26th and almost every parent attended. This high level of interaction and co-operation between Liberty staff and parents is just what is needed to ensure the success of Liberty’s Learning Program which aims to not only provide a quality early education experience to children but to support their families with the individual challenges they face.

The Building

Belize has an unfortunate history of devastating hurricanes. The home consists of 5 monolithic domes, ecological structures which were specifically chosen due to being entirely hurricane proof.

The Children

Liberty Children’s home will initially house up to 40 orphaned, abused or neglected children predominantly between 0-5 years of age. Liberty Foundation is working closely with the Belize Human Services Department in the placement of children. The children will be cared for and bought up until their future is satisfactorily secured. From their earliest age the children will spend a lot of time in spacious well- equipped playrooms, or in the open air. Their healthy, emotional and spiritual state is achieved through close relationship with few adults. The careful attention, gentle gestures and understanding of the care provider will nurture the child’s faith in adults and develop his/her self- confidence.

Foster Care/Adoption

The Home will make efforts to place the children in families, preferably their own, or, if that is not possible, with adoptive or long-term foster parents. The home will maintain communication with and help the families even after the child’s departure.


Research work will take place at the facility conducted by the University of Belize and will be incorporated into their teacher training course. Their research will focus on child-centred learning. Staff will be responsible for making observational notes on a daily basis.

Parents As Teachers

This international program is dedicated to helping parents be their children's best first teachers. Parents are provided with information, guidance, and assistance. Liberty Foundation is introducing this program to Belize and is working closely with the Ministry of Human Development to ensure its success.

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