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Shishu Shorgho Montessori School

Location: Chittagong, Bangladesh

Website: www.childhavenmontessori.com
Program Established: 2008
# of Children: 30 Ages Served: 2 1/2 - 8
Immediate Needs:

  1. Funds to complete the purchase of Montessori materials.
  2. Operating funds to cover teacher salaries and building costs.
  3. Funds to pay for AMI training in Chennai, India.
  4. Donations to support ongoing teacher training, including supporting AMI trained volunteers to travel to our schools.

Contact Person: Matthew Sneyd
Contact Information: matthew@childhavenmontessori.com

Child Haven International, established in 1985, cares for over 1200 destitute children in eight homes located in India, Nepal, Tibet, and Bangladesh.

The CHI home in Chittagong, Bangladesh was opened in 2002 and currently cares for over 60 children from 4 to 13 years old. In 2008, an in house school was created for the younger children in the home. The school currently serves over 30 of these children from Kindergarten to Grade 4. In addition to the traditional classes, the children have the opportunity to learn in the Shishu Shorgho Montessori School, also located in the home. There are a wide range of Montessori materials in the environment where children are offered a chance to freely choose work that interests them and invites self-discipline, organization and concentration necessary to cultivate their self-confidence and natural love of learning. The lower elementary children use the environment to develop their senses, solidify their reading and writing, explore mathematical concepts with concrete materials, and learn about the continents, oceans, plants and animals in the cultural area.

The teachers at the Shishu Shorgho Montessori School are new to the Montessori method with a limited exposure over the past two years under the guidance of our trained volunteers. One of our volunteers will spend a month in Bangladesh this year to further develop the teachers’ understanding of the Montessori Method, and help them to provide an integrated learning experience for the children.

We will continue to need the support of international donors to cover the cost of completing the purchase of materials and provide ongoing training for teachers.

Child Haven International is devoted to providing the children in its care with the best educational opportunities possible, while stressing the Gandhian principles of equality, non-violence, self-reliance, simple living, and respect for each individual’s native culture.

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